windows系统编译phpredis客户端,64位版本-rendong   windows php_redis 64位版本  windows phpredis 64位版本   由于公司统一用win7系统,32位apache+php老是崩溃,实在受不了了,搜索安装了wamp64位版本 官网: 下载地址: 各个版本:Apache 2.2.21  Php 5.3.10  Mysql 5.5.20  XDebug  2.1.2  XDC 1.5  PhpMyadmin  SQLBuddy 1.3.3  webGrind 1.0

PHP WebSocket Chat Application 2.0 实现聊天功能

Even though it hasn’t worked for quite some time now, my previous PHP WebSocket chat application has garnered quite a bit of attention and is still one of my most heavily trafficked posts. As a result I thought I’d provide you all with a working script as of Feb 15, 2012. Because I’m your typical lazy developer, I’ll […]